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The Sovrana Store needs your name, address, telephone and credit card numbers to process your order safely and accurately. Rest assured that such personal information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality by our personnel. It will not be used to solicit further business from you unless you specifically authorize us to do so, and will never, now or in the future, be exchanged or sold to any other company, organization or individual.

When you authorize us to contact you via email for upcoming special offers or promotions by checking the provided box in the order form (the box will be unchecked by default), you will be added to our internal mailing list and may occasionally receive an email from us - no more than four per year - detailing new products introduced and/or seasonal items or special offers. This is strictly a Sovrana Store internal mailing list and will never be exchanged or sold to any other company, organization or individual. If you change your mind about your inclusion into this mailing list, you can opt out of it at any time by sending us an email with your request to be removed, and we will do so within 48 hours.

If you have additional concerns or questions regarding the above Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact our company via:

Telephone: 866-SOVRANA (toll-free), or 310-323-3357
Telefax: 310-217-1832
US Mail:
Sovrana Trading Corporation
Attn. Customer Service
14928 South Figueroa Street
Gardena, CA 90248