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Sovrana Trading is proud to introduce La Spaziale S1, an advanced semi-commercial espresso machine designed with the most discriminating espresso drinker in mind by La Spaziale of Italy, which Sovrana has been representing for many years with its foodservice customers in Southern California. The S1 uses many heavy duty parts found in La Spaziale's renowned line of traditional commercial espresso machines, but also includes state-of-the-art technology that allows unparalleled control by the end user over all critical parameters that result in a great cup of coffee.

Some of the unit's notable features are:

1. Independent, Dual Boilers Design
2. Steam Boiler Size: 2.5 liter
3. Steam Boiler Heating Element: 1250 Watts
4. Brewing Boiler Size: 0.45 liter
5. Brewing Boiler Heating Element: 800 Watts
6. Drain Tray Capacity: 1.5 liter
7. Two Included Portafilters: One Single and One Double
8. Direct Plumbed (must be connected to cold water mains)
9. Full Size Rotary Vane Pump
10. Volumetric Dosing, Programmable Through Touch Pad
11. Brewing Water Temperature Indicated by LED Display on Touch Pad
12. Brewing Water Temperature Adjustable Through Touch Pad
13. Electronic Boiler Refill
14. Built-in Safety (Limit) Thermostat
15. Semi Automatic, Push-Button Hot Water Delivery
16. Manual Steam Valve, Swiveling 3-Hole Steam Wand
17. Fault Diagnosis Alarms
18. Steam Boiler Pressure Gauge
19. ABS Side Body Panels: Black, Red, or Grey (please specify)
20. Front and Rear Body: Stainless Steel
21. Economy Mode in 20 amp models (maximum absorption 1250W)
22. Coffee Brewing Only Mode (maximum absorption 800W)
23. Voltage: 110 volt, 15 amp or 20 amp versions (please specify)
25. Dimensions: 16 1/2" W x 15 1/4" H x 16 1/2" D
26. Net Weight (w/ dry boilers): 65 lbs

The implementation of the electronically controlled dual boiler design allows end users the flexibility of completely shutting off the heating element of the steam / hot water boiler at the touch of a button when only espresso brewing is desired, with considerable savings in electric usage. Additionally, the end user can fine tune the brewing temperature from 85 to 120 C in 1 increments, again via front touch pad.

IMPORTANT INSTALLATION AND ORDERING NOTES: Unit must be plumbed in (connected to a live, cold water line via supplied high pressure hose). Drain pan is self contained. Please specify if 15 amperes (common in most older households) or 20 amperes (common in commercial environments, offices and newer homes) version is desired. The 15 amps version cycles power between steam boiler and coffee boiler to maintain proper temperature without overloading the circuit breaker. The 20 amps version powers both heating elements simultaneously as needed, or can be set to cycle between heating elements like the 15 amps model at the touch of a button (Economy Mode). Both versions require a dedicated circuit breaker to avoid overloads.

View / download the S1 Color Brochure HERE (Acrobat Reader required).
View / download the S1 User Manual HERE (Acrobat Reader required).
View / download the S1 Installer/Programming Manual HERE (Authorized users only).

Due to its heavy weight (75 lbs gross), the La Spaziale S1 can only be shipped via UPS Ground freight. Insured Ground shipping within the continental United States is FREE, enter Coupon Code "S1GROUND" when ordering to get shipping charges waived. One year warranty on parts and labor provided by Sovrana Trading. Product of Italy.

Important Note: Sovrana Trading is an authorized importer and service center for La Spaziale espresso machines


La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi Espresso Machine LASS1X$1,995.00Model: 

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La Spaziale Pod Conversion Kit

Fits any La Spaziale group head, including S1 Vivaldi and all commercial models (S3, Seletron, EK, etc.). Kit includes a specially designed brass spout breaker, shower screen and mounting screw, as well as a shallow filter basket (to replace the one-cup filter basket that comes standard into Spaziale single portafilters). After conversion, your La Spaziale machine will accept any single serve, E.S.E. compatible pod. Note: Not suitable for double pods, non-ESE pods or other espresso machine brands.

Easy to install. Product of Italy.
La Spaziale Pod Conversion Kit SPAREPK$32.95

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